The Nuidya Tribe Website

Another VT creation - my favourite Sim 'hood, and the longest-running one I've ever had (since April 16, 2007). Doesn't it deserve its own website? Born in the early days of my TS2 career, it even predates my trademark setting-pickiness, so it alone gets away with having Sims that look human. They're all part lizard anyway, so they don't count.
It follows the lives of - you guessed it - the Nuidya tribe, the third, fourth and soon to be fifth generation descendants of Sena Nuidya, a lizardlike alien raised by island natives. Faced with the threat of a rising 'new dimension' *coughT"S"3*, can they survive - and how far will they go to ensure they do?

The Site Is Here

Test of Time and Test of Time Mashup Links

This is the challenge that my post-apocalyptic mutant story is based on - I am playing the mashed-up version found on Star's site. Big shout-out to her, Debs, Anna and Taliah, for their comments, for welcoming me despite my blatant non-historical-ness, and for sharing their experiences with this challenge on their own sites. Special thanks also to SwallowTail87, original creator of the challenge. Keep on Simming!

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