A New Start- VT's Test of Time Mashup

(I know the picture isn't the best and I need to make the ones in my slideshow bigger... but I had to make sure everyone knew who was who in the slideshow pictures without fifty squillion pages of backstory, so I made this... anywho.)

The place: Oceanview, once a popular seaside resort, now a ghost town. The year: Er... well... nobody knows for sure any more. All that is known is that, at some point, many humans started mutating - and shortly after that, those who didn't slowly died out, leaving a world in ruins, populated only by mutants.

However, there is a chance for a new beginning. A group of ten 'muters', thrown together by chance, have left the dangers of the cities behind and ventured into the wastelands. Settling in an abandoned haunt lair in the hills of Oceanview, they are determined to start over and make their new world a better one... but will history eventually repeat itself?

Vortex and Wildfire, lifemates and leaders of the haunt; Scorpion, Banshee and Kelly, a small band of scavengers; Snake, a loner who can no longer survive on his own; Zip, a Raider deputy caught in the wrong place at the right time; Claw, a fugitive on the run from his former haunt; Mist and Spark, longtime survivors in the wastelands - what will the future have in store for them and their children?

(Useless note on muter terminology: 'Danny' is the muter word for 'human'. Originally it referred only to the supporters of Governor Danforth, who campaigned to wipe out the mutations, not that that matters to the story. 'Haunt' is the collective term for a group of muters. It's somewhere between a tribe, a gang and a pack. Just so you know.)

(Slightly less useless note: The story of the first generation will be narrated by Vortex, as she was my original inspiration for the setting. She appeared in a dream I had once - as leader of a group of rebels fighting alien invaders, not as a mutant, but still. On with the show...)