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Anyone order a genre salad?

Getting away from it all...

Box? What box?

I've always thought that Simming, and playing challenges in particular, is like a colouring book. Some stay inside the lines, others go outside the lines... and then there are the kids who use every single colour in the box, trail the crayons everywhere regardless of what the actual picture is, doodle smiley faces and robots and weird monkey-tiger-fish things all over the page, and colour the sun purple just because. Although I've yet to meet another Simmer who works that way, which can be annoying, I at least try to think so far outside the box that my readers hopefully won't notice there even is a box.

What It Isn't

Two's company, three's a crowd...

It might not look it, but this is a Sims fansite just as much as it's a showcase for my general oddness. A Sims 2 fansite. I do not, nor will I ever use "Sims" 3 to create my stories, or to do anything with for that matter. It's changed too much to be a proper Sims game, it doesn't suit my playstyle one bit and I'll eat my earrings if it's possible to create a workable VTOS with it.

Cliche exterminators since 2011...

Here at VT's Sim Worlds, we try our hardest to keep our products free of all overused stereotypes. For example, when most people think of the fantasy genre, they will probably think of medieval kingdoms with knights and wizards and dragons in caves and elves in the trees and prophecies about the Chosen One who must find the Legendary Item to defeat the Evil Overlord who is Evil for the sake of being Evil... I could go on and on here. The point is, you won't be finding any of that here. My keywords when creating settings and plots are Originality and Variety, so if you're looking for a cheap Lord of the Rings knock-off, I recommend trying another site. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something that hasn't been done to death by countless authors and GMs, come right in.

And the rest isn't history...

About VT

Don't think I'm weird enough? Look, I'm part whale.

(no I'm not, actually. This is me in front of a water main some workmen burst with a digger. But even though it was an awesomely HUGE water jet, 'part whale' is cooler. XD )